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Grappa Club | Miracolo d’ingegno e buon gusto solo italiano

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Monday, October 26, 2020
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  The first edition of Grappa & Friends took place on September 2nd 2017 in Camois (Ao). The autumn like weather conditions helped to selection the real estimators and made easier the tasting of many types of Grappa presented by 24 producers. Delegate of ANAG Valle d’Aosta and Sommeliers took the audience through a unique tasting trip among Grappa, spirits and...
  ELISA BELVEDERE MAZZETTI AT THE ITALIA A TAVOLA AWARD The President of Women of Grappa was selected among Opinion Leaders. She's been President of Women of Grappa since last spring, in charge of Export and Communication of Mazzetti d’Altavilla – Distillers from 1846 anda 26 year old new mother. This is the portray of Elisa Belvedere Mazzetti. The association gathers women...
A special day... full of spirit. Visiting a distillery is always a very exiting experience. Especially if you find passion, happiness and exquisite products. Celebrate Valentine's Day with the right mood … Sunday, feb 14th 2018 at 10 am you'll have the opportunity to taste a preview of new Acquavite Riserva Barricata, other than 20 types spirits awarded with the World...
Even women are capable to kill. But there's no need to stop loving them, though. Dying for love (mourir d’aimer) is an amazing thing to do. Trust those who experienced this emotion. In heaven i'll kill those fool ones who imposed that kind of fake health terrorism that labels cigars' packages when I find them. It's ok for cigarettes...

The perfect marriage

He's tipically and strongly italian, virile. He has a strong and unique attitude and he's very successful both in Italy and abroad. Love him or not but if you do he'll be the perfect companion to share great moments with. She's italian, just italian. Seducing, capable to change her attitude to fit every occasion, humble and noble at the same time. A...
Grappa Levi is a limited edition bottle dedicated to Sant'Orso Fair to support disability. The selling of 1018 bottles of grappa Cornalin and Syrah will support a project sponsored by The Disabilities Board in Valle d'Aosta. This confirms the bond and the strong rooting of Distilleria Levi with its territory. As usual this year Distilleria Levi has produced the evocative number...

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The perfect marriage

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