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Grappa & Friends | Grappa Club

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Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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Grappa & Friends

‘ELEVATING’ our national spirit on the highest and purest peaks.
Every year in summertime Grappa Club organizes Mostra Mercato della Grappa (a trade show dedicated to the world and business of the typical italian spirit extraxred from grapes) in Chamois, near the city of Aosta (Valle d’Aosta), in northern Italy.
The name of the event is Grappa & Friends, it lasts one day and is totally free, both for visitors and exhibitors.
The first edition occurred on Sep 2nd 2017, with the support of Chamois Municipality,
Istituto Grappa Piemonte and ANAG Valle d’Aosta. It is a unique event thanks to its amazing location settled at an altitude of 1815 meters which is reachable only by cableway.
The inhabitants of the village warmly welcome their guests, restaurants and bars made specialities prepared with Grappa and the chilly climate and crisp air make people want to taste (for free) the typical recipes of the area.
The event takes place in the central square in front of Buisson-Chamois cableway station.
The event, the village and the chance to taste freely hundreds of different types of Grappa coming from all the regions in Italy are a worth visit and it’s the occasion to experience a unique trip and enjoy a breathtaking view with your friends.. without the pollution of cars.

  The first edition of Grappa & Friends took place on September 2nd 2017 in Camois (Ao). The autumn like weather conditions helped to selection the real estimators and made easier the tasting of many types of Grappa presented by 24 producers. Delegate of ANAG Valle d’Aosta and Sommeliers took the audience through a unique tasting trip among Grappa, spirits and...

Grappas reviewed by Grappa Club


The distilleries visited by Grappa Club

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