The perfect marriage


He’s tipically and strongly italian, virile.
He has a strong and unique attitude and he’s very successful both in Italy and abroad.
Love him or not but if you do he’ll be the perfect companion to share great moments with.

She’s italian, just italian. Seducing, capable to change her attitude to fit every occasion, humble and noble at the same time. A loyal and strong companion.

We are not gossiping but we are talking about two real authorities that do their best when together.
The Cigar from Tuscany and Grappa. The king and the queen of Italy.

They don’t love the hustling and bustling everyday life, they share the same time and they need the same surroundings. Relax, friends, a cosy ambient, a fireplace and some good music in the background.
This site will give you the perfect matchings to create a memorable night.


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